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Ok~ I've been back for a while but there has been some 'things' getting on the way of the writing.. …. But I guess that I can write something about the trip

I'll have to put them in some sort of random sections because I have no other way of describing things for now xD




Yea… So… Taking a trip with your grandparents may Not be the thing you want… I was doing fine on my own and all the other people on the trip were super nice and pretty Awesome to be exact :meow: I really liked the company and the fact that the people I travelled with had Awesome sense of humor and they were interested in history like I was (it was a trip to made in honor for one person that is now 100 years old in the end (that person was great too by the way)and many had roots from the area over all).

But yes. Grandparents… Charing a room with them.. They slept in a huge bed and I slept on the sofa (which had two huge pillow-like things on the bottom, so in the middle part where they touched, that part wasn't so comfy to sleep (but I figured out a way, so it was nice sleeping on it in the end. With A Huge Pillow!! >D ) But the nights weren't all oh so comfy :T Grandma snored So Loud that I woke up at 2:00 In the morning :T And last night I had woken up at 2:26 to listen to the great thunderstorm (10 lightnings in 3 minutes and more). I stood up and poked her over 18 times. At one point she woke up and I hoped that it would take some time for her to start snoring again and I would be able to catch some sleep before that. But no. Never have I been so wrong. The snoring started immediately. I was too tired to do the poking or anything other again, so I just went to bed and hoped that I would get some sleep again.

The next evening my grandparents started to complain about the fact that there were no Finnish things coming from the TV. No subs or anything but instead: everything was in Russian, dubbed or originally. It was annoying -_____- They complained that everything in Germany was in German and everything in Canada was Canadian… And when I said that there was nothing strange about it, they said that I hadn't understood their point :T I bet they were drunk. And I was too sleepy to try and get up to poke grandma to stop snoring

The last night was nice though, kind of like. There had been a party and everyone was drunk (except for me because I don't drink alcohol). I had came back to our hotel room earlier so I could draw in piece and have some thought to myself. Some thiiiings happened when grandma and grandpa came back (not going to tell those…. I guess). But at least grandma was so drunk that she was drunk even on the next day (and fell down few stairs, but only few so no harm was done). She didn't understand a word of what I said or anything… But what was nice? NO SNORING!! It was like Heaven!


Evenings we spent walking around the tiny 'village' or what ever slum area you want to call it. Nothing really to buy there, except alcohol. A lot of it. Some evening included some partying for a 69 years old grandma and the 100 years old Yrjö Raaska


Food in Russia? Butter. Butter everywhere. And A Whole Lot Of It. Some of the food was ok. I did eat as much as I could, but with all the butter, I couldn't eat much before my stomach said that it was enough.


The trips we took were nice overall. We had fixed the air conditioning of our bus (number 3~) and the knowledge you got from the other people in the bus was nice~ The minus point was all the gadflies in the car :T MY GOD were there a lot of them. It was a total slaughter for those that decided to step in the bus. I killed at least over 30 of those huge gadflies with my history book.

During the trips some people sometimes kept some sort of talks about things; for example different statues and monuments. Grandma was overly bored of those, which annoyed me. But sometimes my grandparents were talking over the person that was talking and whom I wanted to listen to. People gave angry stares at my grandparents and I was so embarrassed of their acting. I don't want people to think that I wasn't listening due to them.


In Vyborg I Finally got to spend some money. I hadn't spent anything until then, because the only things you could have bought were mostly alcohol. So yea.. But I bought 2 beautiful keys and a badge that has something to do with the Soviet Union :3 It was pretty, but I do think that I can't wear it in public xD People would stare at me…

With grandparents to look after it wasn't all that nice to do shopping. When I finally saw something I wanted to buy, they were walking 30 meters past me and leaving me to do my things alone :T Well, I got most of my things done never the less.

We were kidnapped in some shoe shop which's owner called my grandma and me (+ everyone else) princess. Pffff~ NOPE. In the bus there was a lot of talking about this 'prince'. He was quite energic apparently. But we didn't buy anything from him even if he tried and tried. Nope. I don't wear high heels and I've got good shoes already.

I should have bought a Matryoshka doll, but I thought that that was the usual thing to buy so I wasn't sure…. …. I'll go back to buy one someday because mom would like to have one and I felt so sad for not asking what they would have wanted before leaving…. Well… Some day.


Many people noted me for drawing and carrying a small but thick notebook and pencils everywhere I went. They wanted to see what I had draw and when they saw they praised me from Earth to Heaven xD I don't deserve such, but as the only drawer, I had no rival or anything so they could see that I'm not the best one, I'm good for myself, but not the best. Still they praised me and one person wanted me to draw the 100 years old Yrjö. Oh God. I can't draw humans. Well, with a help of one photography I managed to draw somewhat decent picture [ that I'll upload in a while ]. Everyone said that it was perfect, but I bet they were a bit distracted by the bad lighting and some alcohol. Also, I'm bad with prices xD So… Umm… When the person asked how much the picture was worth… …. Ummmmmm……. 40 € Oh God. That was way too much I'm telling you. But the person wants to put it in a magazine and everything so I guessssss it's fine? Not sure… But he wants me to be on the other trips that will be made and there I would draw all the other important people and then the pictures would be some sort of lottery prices. Well, I guess it's fine. I would like to go on another trip, so… Why not~


Unfortunately nature had taken over and we couldn't go and take a look at my great grandma's house… We couldn't get to it.. But they did read a poem that she had written and it was beautiful :meow: It made people to cry



If there is anything I forgot, feel free to ask :XD: I know I might have forgot something… …

Like the thing that I tried to sketch something from the moment when I was walking on the edge of lake Ladoga and such (the sketch is bad practice… The horizon was so far away)

So yea, there we go~


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Random derp~
As I have told you~ I'm just a random person getting lost in the Internet and wondering on your pages and commenting randomly. Using this '~' a lot, always gives you llama back (because is forever alone person)
And too lazy to write more in here at the moment.

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